A company that specialises in storytelling through giftware, all made with hand and heart.

Short Story evolved in late 2009 when a small gift box of special Japanese papers gave life to a childhood hobby and marked the beginning of an amazing creative venture for both William and Carolyn.

Being their own harshest critics, William and Carolyn spent many months creating, innovating, cutting and folding, testing and trialling until after many hours of work, their passion and vision culminated in the creation of their first signature frame.

It was simple and tasteful, and consisted of beautifully hand-folded origami butterflies in a box frame.

From here on the range grew to include gift cards, paper jewellery, stationary, soy candles, string lights, and they are constantly striving to create innovative products of the highest quality.

Paper is a common theme in most of Short Story’s products, and much time is spent sourcing the most intricate papers from all over the world.

Short Story is bringing back the intimacy and personal touch that was once associated to card writing and paper alike.

Coming from diverse backgrounds and going against the grain to start their enterprise took courage, spirit and determination. Therefore, it is a second passion for the duo to design stunning products with an inspirational story to tell.

“We want to breathe life into inanimate objects and allow people to discover the stories in each product, to encourage storytelling and to generate great conversations.”

Welcome to “Short Story”. We invite you to share our passion for stunning home-ware and storytelling alike, and to “share your story” for art and the rarity of what’s handmade.

“Make your home your own with beautiful expressions”

Caution: May cause contagious smiles and happiness!

Take a daily dose of happiness and feed your soul with inspirational quotes to brighten your day.

Recommended dosage is one capsule daily or as required.
Please note: Happy pills are not for ingestion and parental supervision is advised for children.

Beautiful both day and night!

Beautiful both day and night, the intricate patterns on our votive candle holders transform your room into a divinely ambient space. Each heat-proof glass casing is individually hand-wrapped and sits upon a wooden lacquered base.

Only the finest paper is sourced from all over the world to make your table settings look elegant during the day and magical at night.

Light a wick and indulge yourself in the luxurious scents from our Short Story Apothecary. Rekindle your spirit and rejuvenate your soul with our range of tantalising scents, each inspired by a great woman in history.

Our candles are made from natural soy with a lead-free wick that burns for 60 hours.- Short Story